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I can’t go there and just buy one thing. Does anyone else have this problem?

I’m sad I can’t go shopping on Black Friday because I have to save money for next month when I travel back to Minnesota for the holiday break.

Upside: I get to stay in a hotel in Nashville for two nights. It’s half a birthday present and half a present to myself for surviving the semester.

I’m sure Opry Mills will still be great two weeks after Thanksgiving.

Lisa Frank / Brights

Today I felt like indulging my inner child, so I painted each of my nails a different color. I could totally do this again for a springtime holiday like Easter, or maybe as part of a cosplay. The colors remind me of the Lisa Frank binders I always carried in middle school. (Gahh, that was 10 years ago!)


Thumb: Live Love Dream by Aeropostale in “All Is Bright”

Index: Live Love Dream by Aeropostale in “Daisy Dreaming”

Middle: Spoiled in “I’m So Jaded”

Ring: Wet n Wild in “Teal Slowly & See”

Pinky: Wet n Wild Megalast in “On a Trip”

[Oh, my background is a sleeping cat.]